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I found a website that may be helpful to you. They offer discounted and/or free dental care. You'll need to check for a provider in your area.

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I am a mom and grandma who for a period of time was a single mom. During this time I had no dental coverage on myself, so my teeth suffered. I am paying the price now. I do have dental coverage at this time, but it only covers so much and due to lack of dental care over the years I have only about half of my teeth, gum disease and bone loss. I have been told by one dentist that it would cost me over $6000 to get dentures and that was probably a low end estimate and my insurance comes no where close to covering that. I am not destitute, but haven't a lot of money, don't want anything for free but need help. I just want to have a nice smile.

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 in response to slick chick...   you story sounds just like my own. have you found any help?
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thank you for the nice advice.. i hope you are well

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 in response to storm747...   

Hi, Linda.  Go to - you can search for providers in your area and get all the info on the program.  The half price special only appears on the check out page, so the monthly costs will show as $14.95 for an individual or $19.95 for a household, but if you sign up you will only be charged half of that.  If you have any questions feel free to call - my number appears on the site!  Best wishes, Rosie

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Rosie, I am interested in finding out more about the program. I might be interested in joining, email me more information or the wensite addy. Thanks


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I work with an amazing discount dental and medical health plan that can save you and your entire household as much as 80%.  Right now our memberships are half price - just $7.48 a month for an individual or only $9.98 for an entire household (plus a one-time $20 registration fee).  We have providers nationwide and many of them are willing to work out payment plans.  Just click on the link near my name that says Save Money/Make Money to learn more about our plans, and let me know if you have any questions!  Best wishes, Rosie

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I am in the same predicament as this patient with no dental insurance. I went to the dentist and the total bill is over $14,000.00. There is no way I can afford anything close to this as a single mom on a fix income.

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slick chick

i use to ne a model was 28 before i ever has a cavaity, was put on methatrexate for 2 years and it started to desrtoy my teeth im 42 with a 14yr girl shes never said one word about the 11 teeth i have that are all broken and black and smelly please help 7024561869 ;aura

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I am 60 years old and need help paying for dental bills, I, years ago had a beautiful smile and it really bothers me now that i do not. My insurance at work will kick in soon but at my rate of pay I can not pay the difference, I need help with some sort of financing or something where I can just make payments. I want my smile back and am looking for help.

Thank you


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I'm a 56 old Male starting my life over. Lost my business. Willing to trade my Musical Skills for some Free dental work.

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Charles Jr

Please Help with my dental problems. The problems is more than I can say, my teeth are bad shape. I would like to smile again!

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Charles Jr

I'm a 66 year old male. I badly need dental work on the bridge I have on my top teeth. I got this bridge over 15 years ago, when I was much younger and was able to make a loan. I'm not able to do that anymore. I've had Lung cancer surgery and a triple by-pass surgery. One of the teeth on my upper bridge is decade, that will cause me to lose my bridge. I need to have x-rays of all my teeth in order to see how much work I need done. I have a bottom plate and they don't fit. (I need Help BAD)! I dont have but nine teeth in my mouth and would like to beable to eat some of the food that I like. My wife and I are on S.S. with an income of little over 1,500 dollars a mo. Our bills exceed over our income. We have to beleive in God for the rest of the Money. I can't see how I'm going to overcome a large dental bill. Thanks and god bless.

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I was born Dec 28, 1982. My life started out bad and continued to get worse as the years pasted. As a young child, I lived with my mom, grandma, two sisters, and random guys my mom dated. My mom boyfriends could get a little rough and my mom just didn’t know how to take care of us. My sisters and I were taken away from her, when I was 4, for being malnourished and neglected and put into a foster home. All three of us were adopted about a month before I turned 5. I though my life would get better with my new parents but as the years progressed it got worse and worse. I suffered through physical abuse, (spanking me with hands, belts, even a board and getting slapped) and mental abuse. My parents often belittled me. They often told me I was nothing. I couldn’t keep friends because I was always in trouble. Even girls who lived on the same street as me stopped trying to be my friend, because they never go to see me. By the middle of my 3rd grade year I just stopped caring. With my parents belittling me and my classmates laughing at me and taunting me and without a friend for support, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped doing my homework, I stopped paying attention, and I failed tests, and acted out. I probably had more detentions then anyone in the school and my school went K-9. The physical and mental abuse continued. I remember this one summer, I was 11 or 12, I had stolen something. I agree I should have been punished but not how my parents punished me. I was locked in my room with nothing but a desk and chair. I wasn’t even aloud to wear clothes. I sat day after day for almost the entire summer in my underwear writing over and over again “I will not steal”. At nights I slept on the floor. One night I begged for a blanket and was told to shut up. I was only aloud out of my room to use the bathroom and shower. Although I had to resort to peeing down the heater vent sometimes, and using a piece of paper and putting my poop outside on the window sill. When my parents realized I got into even more trouble. Another time I was being punished for something I hadn’t even done. As so often happens in all families the wrong siblings go blamed. I was told to sit in the middle of the hardwood floor and not to move. I sat there for a good 8 hours before they let me get up. Even simple things like trying to do my homework, when I did it, cause my parents’ anger. When I was learning fractions for the first time I was having troubles so I asked my mom for help. She got so upset trying to help me she slapped me causing my nose to bleed. When I started crying she ripped up my math homework. I turned it in the next day taped up. The abuse I got at school was awful also. Many days I’d come home crying because I just couldn’t take the insults and names. I got more and more depressed as the years went. The physical and mental abuse continued. When I was about 14 my mom slapped me and I slapped her back. The physical abuse lessened and stopped but the mental abuse got worse. I was told I was ugly, fat, stupid, would never amount to anything by both my parents and classmates. If was around this age I stopped caring about myself. I stopped brushing my teeth, showered only 2x a week, and wore wrinkled, dirty clothes. I figured how could everyone be wrong. At the age of 15 I found out that my dad had been spying on me, and sued to spy on my sisters (they had both moved out at this time). Our house was strange and all the doors had windows above them, even the bathroom door. I lived out the last few years of my life with my parents constantly hearing how worthless I was and in fear that my dads perversion would get worse. I hated even changing when he was home. I tried to take showers when he wasn’t. I had trouble falling asleep at night wondering if my dad was looking through the window in my room. Even to this day I feel weird around my dad because of this. When I reached the 10th grade I decided I didn’t want to turn out like my sisters. Both were single mothers who dated men who abused them physically and mentally. Don’t get me wrong I love my sisters to death but they were losers. (They have both turned their lives around recently) I started trying in school and kept out of trouble. I still suffered from depression and non-existent self-esteem but I managed to graduate in 2001. I started in Fall of 2001 at West Virginia University, my hometown university. I suffered my first year in college mostly due to depression. This one time I was on the bus heading to work after classes and the bus stopped where I work, I stayed on. I rode the bus around for hours passing my work a few times and then went and stayed in my dorm room for the next couple of weeks. After this serious spout of depression I decided enough was enough. My parents had already ruined my childhood/teen years. I wasn’t going to let the memories and fears and doubt ruin my future. I had to take control. Since I had made it to college, I knew I wasn’t stupid. A few great girls (Jessi and Michelle) on my dorm floor helped me realize that I was a person and my thoughts and feelings mattered. The long healing process had started. Once I obtained a little self worth it was up hill from there. It took months but when I was around 20 I started to care about myself again. I started brushing my teeth and hair, showing often, wearing clean clothes, all the things most people do anyways. My life and attitude have improved every day since. I have since left my hometown and am currently living with my boyfriend of 2 years. I am a little over weight , I am not drop dead gorgeous , I am cute though, and I have dealt with my past and overcome my depression. I love who I am 99%. The 1% I don’t love is my teeth, Due to years of neglect my teeth are in major need of repair. I work full time, sometimes overtime, as a Shift Manager at a major pizza company but only manage to survive. My boyfriend and I have talked about marriage but I want a pretty smile before I get married. I went for an estimate 3,000 dollars. 3,000 dollars doesn’t seem like to much money but when I only earn 10,000 a year tops it’s a huge amount. (my rent is 6,000 a year) Each month that passes even though I brush my teeth regularly now, they get worse and worse. This is he first time in my life I’ve had a reason to smile and I can’t because of my broken teeth. I want to love myself 100% Please help me does anyone know where I can get free dental work? I cannot afford a dime on dental work and I really need it before it's too late to save ym teeth.

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i am isabelle french i am in florida patrick afb i need fix my teeth alot of work very expensive i can t pay so i stay like iam but i really need do something i have 1 insurance but its not enought ....please can you help me ... thank you why i cant pay is because immigration fee for my children me at

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